any environments avaliable like the one in the main screenshot here?

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Was looking for a scene/environment like the vendor here has used for their main advertizement image in this product here:

the white with the glass mirror floor. Anyone know what scene they used for this or where I can get it? thx.

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  • GordigGordig Posts: 6,737

    Just looks like a couple metallic planes with the roughness turned up to me. 

  • richardandtracyrichardandtracy Posts: 3,024
    I think Gordig is right. For the ground plane apply the DAZ Uber 'Brushed Aluminium' shader to the floor (or one of the other less reflective metal shaders) and a fairly neutral grey the back plane and it should all work. Regards, Richard.
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    If you absolutely can't swing it yourself, Ultra Genesis Studio V1 has a reflective floor and lights that will give you pretty much exactyl that effect.

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  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 5,951

    As mentioned it is simply a couple daz studio planes with some daz uber shaders and lights. You can make this yourself in Daz Studio.

  • ToobisToobis Posts: 836

    K thankyou guys :)

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