Strand-based hair

Is there any way of getting information about a strand-based hair node other than by turning on the viewport preview and reading the generated geometry?

My goal is to render the hair efficiently in OctaneRender without unduly slowing down the Daz viewport. Ideally it would be possible to get hair guide polylines and associated information such that OctaneRender can take care of instancing the indivdual hairs. If that's not possible then it would be great if there was a way to get the generated hair geometry without enabling it for the Daz viewport.

Are either of these things possible?


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    The preview can certainly restrict the number and resolution of interpolated hairs.

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  • I have posted a number of geometry pipeline related scripting API documentation updates over the last several days (with more in the works)... one issue that will be encountered with recreating strand-based hair from polylines in particular is the fact that it concurrently makes use of 2 UV sets (surface color where the root intersects the growth surface, and along the hair itself) and the API that would make it conveniently accessible does not exist. Another issue is the fact that hair is provided by a plugin, which makes use of internal types that are specific to it and not exposed to the meta-object system. DzLineTessellationModifier could potentially be extended to provide said convience API, but currently does not.

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