Does Bryce 7 Pro exporter work with Daz Studio 4.0

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I just redid my hard drive Windows 11 and noticed In Bryce 7 Pro that the Daz studio icon is grayed out and won't let me pick a Daz Studio version.

Does that link for Daz Studio still work in Bryce 7 Pro?


Does Bryce lightning still work?

I recall that Bryce is limited to only a certain amount of cores while rendering and even less while disk rendering.

So, can I gain an advantage core wise by using my second computer to render through Bryce Lighting?

I would like to render 10,000 x 10,000 pixels skies and such.

You know the few quirks that Bryce needs would only require a small team of programmers dedicated to improving the program.

Making it 64 bit, adding multi core rendering or even better GPU rendering and making exporting skies and landscapes directly to Daz work... 

This is a great plugin for Daz Studio and there is no reason that I can think of why it shouldn't be current.

What a real pity this software has been so neglected...

We have every kind of exporter under the sun for Daz content none of which (as a Daz content consumer) that I even use. While Bryce has languished in limbo...

1 make Bryce 64 bit

2 add multi core and/or GPU rendering

3 fix Bryce export so anything created in Bryce can be easily exported into Daz Studio.

Then, maybe 3D software and product developers would make addons for Bryce that could be sold in the Daz store...


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    RexRed - I'm not (yet) at Win 11 but still use Win 2000, Win XP, and Win 7 and I have access to Studio in all - though I usually work directly in Studio, export as Wavefront OBJ, which I import into Bryce. Since I still have Studio 3 and 4 installed, Bryce gives me the option which one I want to start.

    Lighting works on all my 5 computers. If you want the main machine also to network render, you have to start Lightning on this one as well. In earlier versions this was automatic. I haven't observed limitations when render Quality Mode is set to Regular, but when set to Premium I noticed several limitations. I don't remember which ones but remember that they drove me mad. If I use Lightning and Premium, I render very small (400 px wide or so) to see whether everything works or not and if it does, set it to the desired size. I still use all my my 5 computers for this.

    Bryce is limited to 4000 pixels wide but not high. Maybe rotating the camera by 90° ... I've never tried. Rendering to Disk permits larger sizes but since I almost never used it, I cannot tell wether all options are rendered correctly or have shortcomings like Premium. I also don't know how many CPU threads it would use.

    Otherwise, Bryce is limited to 8 cores/threads. On one of my Win10 machine I have a i9 with 8 cores and 16 threads. During the development time, we were up to 16 cores/threads but with a 32-bit 2 GB memory limit this used up too much memory and we went to 8 as a compromise. At the time, that's the most we've got anyway.

    I agree to your suggestions: 64 bit is a necessity nowadays (though making the machine large address Aware (LAA) increases the 2 GB limit to about 3.2 to 3.5 GB. It helps but is certainly not good enough.

    Once we have a 64 bit thingie, usable render cores could also be added, not to 16 but to 32 or even 64. I'm not a fan of GPU rendering, it was discussed as well in the Bryce Steering Committee at the time for 6.3, 7.0 and 7.1. Admittedly, there are better solutions than to be dependent on Nvidia that regularly stops supporting older cards.

    That Daz 3D invests a lot of developing time and thus money to connect to other softwares but not in their own (Bryce, Carrara, Hexagon) I find a strange strategy. There also seem to be no staff anymore knowing Bryce etc. When I submitted a product about 2 years ago, it was declined within 35 seconds (!) and the next try took them 3 minutes to decline. No use to try anymore but they still sell Bryce stuff I submitted from 2010 on - it doesn't make a fortune but it still returns some money without the need of any effort. Cheap money for Daz 3D.

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    Many thanks for your response Horo.

    It seems there are many obstacles to using Bryce for things it is really good at.

    It would be nice if Bryce could be updated to become a HDRI sky generator.

    I would love to see the large 100,000 pixels wide skies it could be "updated" to generate and what users would do with such a great tool.

    And a land generator maybe, also even trees that would easily import into Daz Studio.

    Ultra Scenery is great but Bryce would be good as well.

    A lot of projects that have been created for Daz Studio I would rather have seen Bryce just updated a little instead.

    Like, all of the animations created for Daz studio. These animations are exciting but before their time.

    Most people even with the fastest computers can't really make use of these animations.

    Opening another revenue product in Bryce might have been a better use of resources.

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