Subdivision edge weights

Is there a way to get the subdivision edge weights for a subdivision surface through the SDK?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,395

    I am told that the scripting documentation for the geometry pipeline is still being worked on, but that if you use the for x in DzWhateverObject route to get the members you can then use QMetaObject::invokeMethod() to access API members that are not in the current SDK but are script accessible. The Github FBX Importer from Daz demonstrates the application this.

  • Aha! Thank you, this is very useful information!

  • There have been several updates since this exchange, with more to come, so keep checking.

  • What has been updated?

  • The scripting documentation (meta-objects made available to the scripting engine, which can be called from the SDK with QMetaObject::invokeMethod()).

  • Oh, I see! Thank you!

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