DUF Prop Converter for Poser 12

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Someone have used this tool i just see it  on Poser 12 site.Is really use to importe some DazStudio content  in Poser 12DUF Prop Converter for Poser 12 ?



''This tool allows converting DAZ Studio 4 DUF Figures and Props to Poser native PP2 prop format using a simple drag and drop operation. This allows importing things like hair and props from DS4, as well as DUF Material presets, and use then in Poser. Props can be loaded directly into your Poser scene, or saved directly to your Poser library, or both! You have the option to Auto-Parent the prop to the currently selected actor. Then drag & drop existing DUF Material presets to apply them to the imported prop in Poser.

Link your DAZ Studio 4 Runtime folder as an external runtime in Poser, and REUSE all textures without having to move or duplicate them, saving time and disk space.''

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    I'm suspicious. Because it completely fails to say, or to show in the video, if figures can be posed before export and then if they retain their DAZ pose when they become props Poser 12. Such a script would not be not much use for figures, if all they can be in Poser 12  is a showroom dummy standing with their arms by their sides (or in a standard T or A pose).

    The related question is, if poses are indeed possible, can their conforming clothes and parented hair also be saved into a Poser prop figure? The further problem is decimation, re: how large a dressed Genesis 8 with hair is when she comes into Poser as a .PP2 prop? I've heard horror stories about Genesis exporting to 2Gb+, which means your Poser viewport is going to be impossible to do stuff in.

    There is a similar free script set that works with Poser 11, allows poses and conforming clothes, and also does the poly decimation required.

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    The resulting import is a static prop; one could do essentially the same thing by exporting from Studio as an .obj and bringing it into Poser...

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