Paper Plates Over Eyes - Help? Poser 11 Comic Render

I am using Poser 11 (64 bit). Comic Book Mode for rendering. I set up toon renders on every body part on Victoria 4 and removed textures for a black and white render. After struggling to get the irises of the eye to render as plain white with a black border, I discovered that there were two "paper plates" blocking the view of the character's face. These blocks do not render, but they block the Preview view of the face. I cannot select them, but when I make each eye invisible, the plate corresponding to each eye disappears with the eye.

Any thoughts on how I can make these invisible again?

Edit: Added second screenshot

788 x 604 - 74K
783 x 584 - 146K
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    The only thing I can think of is that she had an eye-control plate. You say you can't select these discs, but do they have a dial that moves them and the eyes?

    Also, you do realise that the new Comic Book mode doesn't require texture stripping for a clean b&w line render with nice lines? And that you can get that render in realtime? Look for the YouTube tutorial "3 minute tutorial: comic-book basics in Poser 11".

    You can also get a clean lineart render from Firefly, without texture-stripping. There's a free preset for that - search the web for "toon outlines render preset for Firefly".

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