TreeView for Skeleton Bones Properties

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Is there an elegant way to get a tree data structure for a TreeView of skeletons-bones-nodeproperties? i.e. similar to property hierarchy pane.
Or do I have to build it from lowest level up using getAllBones and getFollowingBone.

I am finding the lowest level up method difficult if I want to maintain a data structure that includes child skeleton relationships .

Dropping child skeletons simplifies it considerably, but makes for a very tall data set. As it is for a TreeView I would prefer to keep the compound dataset that the child skeletons gives, if there is not too much coding required. Child skeletons would also mean that it is consistent with what the user sees in other pane TreeViews (e.g. Scene pane, Property Hierarchy pane, etc...).


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    The custom QTreeView derived classes, and the accompanying custom model/delegate classes, used by the Scene pane and the Property Hierarchy pane are not included in the SDK. Indeed, they were a significant bit of work.


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    Thank you Rob, after dabbling with just a simple read only derived class over the last few weeks I can appreciate some of what would have gone into it. At least I know I am not overlooking something obvious.

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