How do I install Bryce? 7.1 the newest version?

Does Bryce have a way to be installed such as with DIM or can it only be done manually?

How do I install Bryce?  is 7.1 the latest version?


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    Sfariah - No, DIM works exclusively for Studio, not Bryce, Carrara or Hexagon. Here is a guide how to install Bryce: if you need more help, just ask.

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    In addition to helpful PDF document above posted by Horo, there is what you may look for in Product Library:






    After downloading these, refer to information in Horo's content guide.

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    and then ~ 

    perhaps they 'ought to change the names in Product Library:

    So , peopl  dont get mixed - up  

    thanx ~ 

  • You have to select the bryson 7 option first and download those. Then, you'll be able to install the bryson 7 pro materials. When installing the Pro content, there will be a screen that asks if you want to unistall the previous Pro content. (select no)

    Screenshot 2024-05-20 012626.png
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    Screenshot 2024-05-20 0128021.png
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