Carrara crashes with Huion tablet ( Workaround )

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After a few years trying to solve the problem of Carrara crashing on startup if you have a HUION graphics tablet installed Carrara users have found a solution and a workaround that fixes the problem.

See post here in Carrara forum for more info

Option 1. Fixes the problem ~ get yourself this official file from WACOM - wintab32.dll from WacomTablet_6.3.40-2. Using this means you get no errors. You need to place this file in the Carrara folder where the Carrara.exe file is. Carrara then should open without crashing.

Option 2. Open notepad and then Save Awintab32.dll
put this empty file in the Carrara folder. Carrara should open with an error message saying that wintab32.dll is not designed to run on windows.. dismiss the error message and Carrara should start normally.

thanks to all who have persevered over the years with this annoying bug and trying to find a fix for it. ;) :inverted: :wow:

Richard Haseltine or @Frank0314 or any other mod that may be around can we have this pinned thanks

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