Skin always became darker after using the wet map or shader

I've tried "Wet Body Iray" and "Wet and Tanned Skin" for Genesis 8,

they created a shell or changed the surface directly to bacome glossy.

After setting and rendering, the effect was great, but the skin just bacame darker,

so I went to the surface tab and wanted to find out which one could be the reason.

I set the Diffuse Roughness to 0 and it made the skin brighter,

but still a lot different than the original skin tone.

Just couldn't find anything else to change that.

Is this inevitable? Can't I just make the skin wet and still keeping the original tone?

The figure looks like being coverd by a grey cloud.


Original Skin Tone.png
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Diffuse Roughness=0.png
1187 x 982 - 1M
Diffuse Roughness=1.png
1187 x 982 - 1M


  • cgidesigncgidesign Posts: 433

    I don't have those products, so, can't say something about them.

    But maybe you can use a different way to create a wet look.

    For quick n' dirty wet effects I like to use Top Coat parameters of the skin surfaces (Top Coat Bump uses the same maps as Base Bump).


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  • jc3_113jc3_113 Posts: 41

    Thank you, cgidesign, I've tried the settings that you gave me,

    and it worked really well :D

    But when I also want to use it on my old Genesis 2 figure (Aiko 6),

    I found it's a AoA_Subsurface shader, doen't give me any Top Coat options,

    if I changed it to Iray shader, my original materiel sets would be all gone.

    Do you have any ideas on the G2 figures?

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    Genesis 2 uses shaders disigned for 3delight if I remember correctly. I am not very familiar with those.

    ... my original materiel sets would be all gone ...

    I assume you mean the textures used in the 3delight shader?

    In that case you can try to:

    1. select the surfaces you like to change to "Iray Uber Base" shader
    2. hold CTRL on keyboard and click the shader icon in the content library
    3. you get a dialog where you can select to apply the uber shader but keep the existing textures

    But it might be that the textures do not work as well as ones made for Iray.

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  • jc3_113jc3_113 Posts: 41

    Thanks, cgidesign, it works perfectly!

    The shader was applied by Iray and the original materials stayed the same,

    and I've learned a new fuction from you. :D

  • cgidesigncgidesign Posts: 433


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