How is Bryce 7 Pro delivered?

Hello everyone
                     Ive been using Bryce 5 for several years and having big fun, but recently decided it was time to check out Bryce 7.  When I ordered and paid for Bryce 7 Pro was offered Daz/Daz central and Hexagon for free.  Hexagon seems to promise a lota fun soon as I learn more about it.  

My question is, How will Bryce 7 be delivered if it is not a download?  The order confirmation email I got didnt include delivery tracking information.  They did take my delivery address so I assume B7 Pro will arrive as a cd in my (locked) mailbox.  My concern is I hope the package will not be dropped off in front of my apartment door without me being notified in some way.  For sure there is a package thief or thieves in my building.  Ive had things stolen from in front of my door and so have several neighbers.  


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