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    They came out very nice :)

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    Looking Good!! Love watching things come to life.

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    Not much time to work on it at the moment. Added the trim moulding for the interior doors. Simple, but really makes a difference, I think.

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    Made some headway on the windows...

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    Taking a little breather from my mid-century service station. The basic structure's there, next it's on to the fixtures. Anyway, here's a bit of fun starring the new Genesis 2 Female (and three Mark I Genesii)...

    "The Water's Fine"
    It was an almost-perfect beach day, Trina thought. Warm weather, good friends... well, except maybe for Chad. Thing was, he was generally a good guy in most respects, but from the available evidence, a pretty lousy boyfriend. Trina didn't know why Kristin kept putting up with him... she certainly deserved better, and OMG did you SEE her in that bikini?! Chad apparently hadn't, even though she'd been right beside him all day. Someone needed to have a loooooong talk with that boy. Maybe Trey could talk some sense to him... later. For the moment, the look in his eye as he waded out to join her was front and center in Trina's thoughts. Yeah. Keep coming, Trey. The water's fine.

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    The garage is really looking great

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    Joequick said:
    The garage is really looking great

    Thanks, Joe.

    Haven't made much progress this week; heat wave and ancient a/c make for uncomfortable working conditions. I did whip together a banjo sign, based on the one Seb at ModelJunkyard made for his 1:25 scale Texaco station diorama, which, admittedly, was a major inspiration for this little project of mine.

    With my work schedule being what it is, I'll probably get back to the station early next week or so.

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    The follow-up to "Just ASK Her Already!"

    "Attaboy, E. See? I TOLD him he just needed to get out of his own head and ask--"
    "Hush, Josh. This isn't the time."

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    Still tinkering with my service station, nothing much new to show. But my growing teenage repertory keeps coming back and whacking me with the inspiration stick...

    "One of THOSE Couples..."
    Yeah, Conni and Josh were totally one of THOSE couples, ready and willing to put on a PDA anytime, anywhere. Even in the Morrow twins' hot tub. Karyn was apparently okay with it, but it sure seemed to bother Kelsi for some reason. Amanda got a giggle out of it -- and a little blush, as well, though with her complexion, it was hard to tell if it was from embarrassment, or the water temperature. As for Ethan, well, with Josh as a best friend since before they could walk, he was more than used to it, and so found better places to direct his attention...

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    "The Tease"
    "Are you NUTS?" Kelsi hissed, when she noticed what her twin was up to across the room.
    "Oh, unclench, Grandma," Karyn replied, holding her phone at arm's length. "Jamie's been away all summer, and I just want to remind him what he's missing."
    "And why was it necessary to take off your top for this reminder?"
    "Just a little tease," Karyn explained. "It's artistic. I'm not really showing anything... but the suggestion that I might be is actually hotter than if I were. Relax, Kels. I know what I'm doing," she added, thumbing the capture button.
    "Yeah," Kelsi muttered, unconvinced, "and there's no WAY this could possibly come back to bi-- HEY! Am I IN that picture? In my UNDERWEAR?!"
    "Huh. How about that. I hadn't noticed you there."
    "On the plus side, you look pretty cute."
    "Ugh... remind me again why I didn't strangle you in the womb?"
    "Your hands were too small. Duh."

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    2 cool 2 b 4got10...

    ...or something like that. It's been a LOOOONG time since I was in high school. Anyway, these are pretty much the core players in my teen repertory...

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    So... two years and change since my last post in this thread. Uh... sorry about that. I'll try to do better. Anyway... I've done a few things in the interval, but I'm not going to try to catch it all up here. Let's just carry on, shall we?


    "Don't Look Now..."

    "Better make it look good, fellas," Josh whispered. "Seems we've got an audience."

    "They know we can see them, right?" Ethan hissed in reply. "I mean, the room is literally lined with mirrors!"

    "I don't think they care, Eth," Josh huffed. "Don't think they care."


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    Nice work...I hadn't seen this thread before but you have some great renders.

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