UV Map looks like a patchwork of the UV Map

Having a lot of trouble figuring this one out.  Made the UV maps in CLO3d and trying to use them in DAZ.  Any suggestions?

It should just be a green velvet dress, but it is a copy of the UV map.

Thanks for any help.



Green Velvet Dress.jpg
408 x 791 - 186K


  • It's set to tile - check the Editor tab of the Surfaces pane with the dress and its fabric selected, the Tiling values should both be 1 and the offsets 0 since this is a non-repeating texture (you might use a higher value if you had a texture that was a small piece of fabric and it joined cleanly at the edges of the image).

  • Thank you Richard, I am sorry I just now am seeing this because it is an issure for me again. I checked both the tiling values and offsets and they are as you suggest 1 and 0 respectively. I appreciate your suggestions and your taking the time to reply.  Sid

  • Don't forget that if this is using one of the default Daz Iray shaders there is also a per-image tiling option, click the micro thumbnail next to the colour property and select Image Editor (rather than Layered Image Editor) in the menu.

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