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I've long wanted a religious symbol necklace for V4, and now we have one for Genisis 8 in DAZ... Is there a way to covert them or am I just out of luck?


  • I'm fairly sure there are V4 body/head shape clones and autofits for G8. I assume you then just dial them in on G8, and then you have a V4 wearing the necklace?

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    You will probably have to re-weight map it in Poser because they aren't compatible between the two unless they happened to do a poser version. I could however be confusing what you want done (always a problem with me, lol).

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  • DS can write Poser-readable weighting.

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    There is a free one here; not sure which figure it's for...



  • I bought some Daz3D products such as Victoria and Genesis, but I can't install or use that on Poser. When I try to insert the character, message appears from unfound files, such as V4BODYGrps.pz2; V4Chnnls.pz2; V4hipsGrps.pz2, and others. Can someone help me???

  • When using Victoria 4 in Poser you need to run the Updater on initial installation anda fter uinstalling new morph packs - there should be a desktop shortcut, or use /Runtime/Libraries/!DAZ/CraeteExPFiles-v4 (.bat for windows, or the Command file for a Mac).

    Which Genesis? Assumignit's one or two you need to instal both the base product and the Poser Companion Files.

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    Crosses for V4/Poser

    At DAZ;

    At Renderosity;
    Stressed Out V4/A4/Elite by kaleya/nirvy
    Servi Domini - Nuns by Cybertenko

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