can I install bryce 7.1 to a portable drive and use it on more than one pc.

I have two pcs, and don't want to fill the single HD in either with bryce (or DS or Hexagon either) is it possible to just install to a portable drive and use the software from those or do they need to be installed on each pc?"


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    Why not just give it a try?
    Generally, you can install Bryce onto any drive on your PC and it ought to work on a portable storage device if you map it as a drive  (e.g. E:\). Depending on what additional assets you have in the Bryce\Presets folder, Bryce needs about 5 GB.
    Note that Bryce puts a few files into the Registry of the computer from which you install Bryce to the mapped portable drive. These files enable it to use the Daz Studio bridge. This may not work when the portable drive is connected to the other computer.

  • Thank you, i will try moving the portable to my other Pc later and see if it will work there. my primary use for Brice will be backgrounds for artwork using multiple layers each added as .pngs  which my wife and i have done before with good results. my pcs are not the fastest so this works better for us. I do know that i could use DS models in bryce, i was curious, could i make a scene in bryce and export it into a format that DS  could load.  for example i could make a courtyard prop and use it in DS or would i have to use a different modeller program? 

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    Studio an Bryce work differently, even if you can use the bridge, the result either way is seldom satisfactory. I export as OBJ in either program and import it into the other. The problem is that Studio works with image maps as materials/shaders, Bryce can use them also but in a limited way. Going the other way, Bryce materials/shaders are mostly textures based and these are translated to pictures when exported. The result is usually quite unsatisfactory. As you want to create backdrops for Studio use, you are better off rendering in Bryce and export the render as such. If you want to model a prop in Bryce, export it as OBJ and use Studio to give it the colours and such.

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  • that was i thought i remembered, but i wasn't positive.. by the way, your site is very interesting.

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    Bryce 7 does not write to the OS registry so you should be able to move any portable HD or USB HD to another computer with no problems. At most you might have to enter the SS# when launched, but I doubt that to. I run Bryce 7 & many all my old & new programs off an external USB HD. I do full OS system recoveries at least once a year & never have to reinstall any program that doesn't write to the registry. All I have installed on my C drive is the OS Win 10.  I have an eternal storage dive I save file to and an external USB HD where all my programs are installed. Programs that do write to the registry like my CS 6 master collection I just reinstall over the one on my USB drive & it writes the necessary file to the OS registry. I also have old programs that need dongle keys to run. For those I just need to install the dongle keys drivers to the C OS drive.


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