Multi-Layer Landscape System Question

Has anybody used the Multi-Layer Landscape System ? What were your results? I like the concept and the ability to make roads and paths; but  the results shown in the promos don't look really realistic to me and I am not really impressed with them. Are these the best that can be acheived ? 


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    I think any shader that attempts to represent ground vegetation is going to be struggling to look good. You can do it for moss and rocks, but for large open areas, like the grass area around the castle in the promo, it will always look off. Ultrascenery has shown us that for good looking grass, as well as the other plants mixed in the grass, look far better as geometry as opposed to shaders. The vegetation has to be way off in the distance to look good with a shader. For the same reason I struggle to get good results using Terradome. Looks okay for barren rocks, but bad if you try for grassy hills.

    Despite this I think the pathways, with broken stones, puddles, and moss, look great. So I do have this product wishlisted.

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    looks a lot like TerraDome 3 ... it seemed to have better morphing and textures in Poser ... 

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    I like this for meadows.ULTIMATE Grass & Meadow Worldbuilder | Daz 3D  iREAL Animated Add-on for ULTIMATE Grass & Meadow | Daz 3D You can add trees and other items to it. for trails and roads UtraScenery is the best

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