Problem with exporting the texture of Bryce terrain

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Hello everyone, it's great to see such a dedicated Bryce community!

I have a weird problem with exporting the material of any terrain object out of Bryce 7.1 - the texture gets displaced in the Export Terrain window. I'm attaching 2 screenshot of the problem - first everything looks OK in the Bryce render, but when I go to File->Export Object and click on the "create preview map" button, the texture is already displaced. This happens to the textures of all objects for all export file formats.

I've spent the last couple of days trying to figure out this strange behavior - but I am finally out of ideas. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening and if it can be fixed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Exactly which version of B7 are using ??? I have B7pro build and I am unable to find that feature showing in your screen-shot.
    Build num can be found in " help "menu " control+click on "about Bryce.


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    Wow - looks like you caught a bug in .109. I just gave it a shot and got the same exact thing. Of course you can flip the exported image in PShop but still it shouldn't be doing this. You should consider posting a bug on this in the DAZ Bugtracker.
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    Hi again,

    I did some further testing and found out that there are actually two separate issues:

    1. The "preview map" functionality in the Export Terrain menu shows displaced textures, but if the terrain is not clipped using the Clipping Tool, the exported textures fit normally in other 3D software, i.e. in this case the problem seems to remain only in the visualization in Bryce's Export Terrain window.

    2. If the Clipping Tool is used and the base of the object is removed (see attached image - it's terrain generated from the elevation map of the island of Mikonos, Greece) - well, in this case all bets are off and the texture is displaced. The result is tumor-like black spots in the places where the 3d mesh and its texture don't overlap. This screenshot is from Cinema 4D, but the same happens in other 3D programs as well.

    kiwi_gg, I am using the same version as you - on Windows 7.

    dan whiteside, I tried rotating the texture, flipping it horizontally and vertically - but it refuses to fit correctly. It seems Bryce not only rotates it, but also changes its size. I also reported a bug on this in the DAZ Bugtracker (

    Anyway, thanks for the responses! Hopefully someone from the DAZ Team will be able to resolve this problem. I love the friendliness of Bryce and after I spent several hours poking around Vue's hostile user interface, I really prefer to find a solution inside Bryce.

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