Echo 8.1 not found in Figures unless filter turned off?

Looks like the metadata for Echo 8.1 is improper; the figure doesn't show up in the Smart Content under "Figures," unless "Filter by Context" is unchecked. QA really needs to be improved. I've reinstalled 2x.


  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,540

    I mentioned Echo in my Art Studio thread several days ago. I posted a couple renders of her yesterday. It was confusing in Content Library to me, as it was labeled 8.1 but found in 8.0. I hadn't explored many 8.1 figures so there was a discussion on where those are found, etc, in Content Library. I almost returned her. When I buy something for 8.1 I expect it to be there, not in 8.0. But I also admit to not perusing the forums constantly anymore to see what the latest logic / ongoings are. Sorry to hear you're having problems over in Smart Content. 

  • SevrinSevrin Posts: 5,647

    It's not the only 8.1 character with that issue.

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