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In the sample you see a material called rock grid...

My question :

In component 2 you see that the squares are show up in a angle....

Is it possible to get the square's in component 2 straight ? I tried the phase option.. but it doesn't affect the squares at all.

regards: Atlantis

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    Select the noise for component 2 and you get a similar pop-up as the one for Phase you are showing. Then rotate Direction.

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    Yes it is.

    Image 1, open the noise tool and dialogue and set the xy rotation to 90
    Image 2, change the mode to minimum 90

    If you want the component "square" in 3 dimensions as well as in the xy plane, also set the yz rotation to 0 (or any multipleof 90).

    Did that do what you wanted?

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  • AtlantisAtlantis Posts: 133
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    @ David...

    Excellent!!!.. thnx for your fast help...

    I tried all the time using the phase option

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