AUGUST 2012 New Users Contest

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New Users Contest - August 2012
Sponsored by DAZ3D and Jack Tomalin

Are you new to the world of 3D? Have you been around for a little while and feel like you still have a need to learn somethings to make your renders just that little bit better? Have you learned some tips and would like to help others in this journey into the 3D world? Come and join us as we host our newest contest…

“Depth of Field: Lets Get Focused”

Intent: To help you learn how the Depth of Field feature of your render camera can enhance your images and give you that real 3D photo look. Let’s get that extra something that will help your images have some Impact.

This month we will be looking at what the render camera can do to improve your art. The Depth of Field settings will be the main focus for the month. You will be provided with links to Tutorials and given examples of images that use *DOF in the Lets Get Focused WIP thread. You can do any image you would like within the TOS of DAZ3D as long as you use *DOF in your render. Feel free to use your favorite program and create that peace of art that’s in your heart.

*DOF = Depth Of Field.

The goal of this months contest is how well you use Depth of Field in your render to Focus the main aspect of your render. If it is a landscape the DOF should focus the viewer on the part you wish them to really see. If it is an Action scene the DOF should get us to focus on the action. If it is a Portrait it should get us to focus on the figure. The effectiveness of the use of DOF is what this contest is about. Only the use of DOF will be judged but please do the best image you can. If you need help with lighting or any other part of your render feel free to ask for help in the WIP Thread.

For a list of the current contest rules, please see this thread: New Users Contest Rules

This month you can find Tutorials and Examples of DOF in the Lets Get Focused WIP thread. If you feel you need help or would like feedback on your submission please post to the WIP THREAD HERE. People will be popping into the WIP THREAD to give you helpful tips and critiques to help you as you go. We ask that you please keep all comments and request’s for critiques or help in the WIP THREAD. All comments and or request will be removed from this thread and merged with the WIP THREAD, this thread is only for final submissions for the contest.

For those veterans of the forums that would like to help, because this contest is designed for the beginner to learn from, we will be randomly selecting posts offering helpful tips and/or critiques to receive a special voucher as well, so whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring one, there is fun for everyone!

"We would like to thank Jack Tomalin who has graciously decided to sponsor this months contest" He will be awarding a special prize to the winner of this months "DOF "contest. To view some of Jack Tomalin's items please see his store front here Jack Tomalin DAZ Store

Closing Date: August 30 2012

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    Deciding Moments

    Used DS3

    800 x 800 - 278K
  • WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,917
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    My 1st Entry. Rendered in Bryce 7 pro. No Postwork.

    Quiet Contemplation

    800 x 525 - 98K
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  • WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,917
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    My 2nd Entry. Rendered in Bryce 7 pro. No Postwork.

    Safe Passage

    800 x 564 - 67K
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    2nd entry, used DS3

    Pretty Thing... Must... Have...

    800 x 800 - 319K
  • StezzaStezza Posts: 7,528
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    I've been trying to learn the concepts of using DOF for the past month or so..

    Always learning for this complete novice :)

    Carrara 8.5b .. no postwork

    Title - Palm Island

    640 x 480 - 195K
  • TeofaTeofa Posts: 823
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    My entry. No post processing, all done within DAZ Studio 4, and a pretty basic noobie version as well :).

    Title is "Timeout Time"

    876 x 716 - 352K
  • kurisu2112kurisu2112 Posts: 198
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    My first entry this month

    Title : Advance and declare yourself.
    Used DS
    no postwork

    800 x 640 - 105K
  • darkgoddessnightdarkgoddessnight Posts: 0
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    First entry this month: Flight of Imagination
    Rendered in Daz Studio 4

    618 x 800 - 308K
  • TeofaTeofa Posts: 823
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    Second entry.

    All DAZ No post processing.

    Title "She has My Back"

    530 x 716 - 232K
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    First Entry

    Title: Famous Last Words.

    "Aint no Dragon brave enough to come out while I'm on watch."

    Studio 4 with no postwork

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    Second Entry

    Title: Why

    Studio 4

    1000 x 1250 - 139K
  • IlenaIlena Posts: 279
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    Title: Show off
    Used: DAZ 4

    677 x 495 - 49K
  • SoltegnSoltegn Posts: 2
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    DS 4
    Reality 2
    No post

    800 x 650 - 97K
  • clarke_af31e2e15dclarke_af31e2e15d Posts: 21
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    Title: The Girl in Apartment 39
    used: Daz 4

    800 x 450 - 53K
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  • ExtremeAlphaExtremeAlpha Posts: 82
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    Wounded Rider

    DAZ Studio 4.5
    No Post Work

    1024 x 724 - 1M
  • SoltegnSoltegn Posts: 2
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    I hope it complies with forum rules
    Title: Got You
    DS 4
    Reality 2
    No post

    565 x 800 - 153K
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    Title: Retreat

    DS 4.5
    no postwork

    800 x 577 - 230K
  • FhaloFhalo Posts: 41
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    Title: Ray of hope
    Comment: From the darkness of the battlefield comes ray of hope
    Inspiration: Battle of Britain museum
    Software: Bryce 7.1 Pro
    Post Work: None
    Tutorial:Bryce Depth of Field effect - a 15 minute tutorial by David Brinnen. Brycetech: Streaming Lights
    Textures:Bones0031,cgtextures. Pile of bones and skulls,

    800 x 600 - 140K
    800 x 600 - 191K
  • BrotherloboBrotherlobo Posts: 495
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    Title: 'Make my day'

    Software: DAZ 3D
    Post Work: Photoshop CS3 - cropping & resizing only

    Comments: Making a play on the classic 'Dirty Harry' slogan. If you don't know who 'Dirty Harry' is, head over to Netflix....seriously.

    800 x 558 - 206K
  • CyonixCyonix Posts: 209
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    Title: The Ritual
    Software Used: DS4 Pro, No Postwork

    600 x 800 - 170K
  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 9,040
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    Title: Morning Assault
    Software: Carrara 7 Pro. Photoshop for resizing.

    Note: I don't classify myself as a new user, so if the judges wish, feel free to disregard my entries.

    800 x 600 - 183K
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  • evilproducerevilproducer Posts: 9,040
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    Title: Up In The Sky...!

    Software: Carrara 7 Pro. Photoshop for creating sepia tint and fixing an issue with dynamic hair and the DOF function.

    Note: I don't classify myself as a new user, so if the judges wish, feel free to disregard my entries.

    800 x 600 - 207K
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  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,325
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    The Museum of Primitive Man

    Used DAZ Studio 4.5 and GIMP
    No postwork
    (GIMP was used in the creation of the backdrop image (the sky), but this was "pre-work," not postwork)
    Edit: replaced original with a file that's under 400KB per contest rules. This was accomplished by opening it in GIMP and resaving it, but no actual postwork was done.

    800 x 800 - 393K
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    Title: "My guide to the north"

    Used: DS4.5, no postwork

    565 x 800 - 135K
  • dwseldwsel Posts: 0
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    Hello, I'm new here on this forum. I started playing with Bryce something like a year ago. Hopefully I've made on time with making a picture on this graceful topic.

    Title: Soft morning

    Apps: Bryce + a little bit of GIMP

    - Dutch Iris from Xfrog:
    - orange boheh from Night Fate Stock:
    - grass no.3 from my personal lowres grass pack
    - custom Brycean tree

    Good luck everyone :)

    790 x 790 - 270K
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  • CyonixCyonix Posts: 209
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    A wild last minute entry appeared!

    Title: Just a Small Town Girl
    Software Used: DS4 Pro, No Postwork

    600 x 800 - 236K
  • Joe CotterJoe Cotter Posts: 3,258
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    Waiting for the Team to Return
    Software, DS4
    No Postwork

    800 x 800 - 312K
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    THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. As of now it is Midnight DAZ3D time.

    I wish you all luck in the contest and thank you all for taking part in it. I hope you enjoyed yourself's and found Depth of Field fun to play with.
    The contest will be judged in the next few days and the winners will be posted and notified as soon as possible.

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  • SasjeSasje Posts: 835
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    Good luck to everyone.:-)

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 12,936
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    The winners are:

    1st - dwsel_ - Soft Morning
    2nd - shadowraith - Deciding Moments
    HM - Soltegn - Suprise

    Congratulations to all the winners and all who participated. The winners should see their prize in there account within the next 48 hrs.

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