LED Signs


Needed quick help with LED Signs by Denki Gaka


No manual appears to be in the package(s) 

Needed assistance with changing/animating LED


  • NorthOf45NorthOf45 Posts: 3,390

    The signs will only display in Iray preview mode or renders since they use Emission only. The LEDs are not individually controlled, it is just a screen over which a normal image file is displayed. Animating it would mean changing the image every frame. Post-work would probably be easier.

  • HabatchiiHabatchii Posts: 12

    Is there a way you know to write scripts for the frames? DAZ Script?

    And how are the images applied?

  • NorthOf45NorthOf45 Posts: 3,390

    Images are applied like any other, usually with a material preset, or any preset that can change a surface setting. In this case, the material presets only change the Emissive channel image, and nothing else. There is a product for 3DL that automated all of that process (Animated Textures Script Pro for Daz Studio 3 & 4), but I do not know if it will work with the Iray render engine or shaders. The developer of that particular product passed away a few years ago, and I do not know if anything like it has been made for Iray. I am not familiar enough with DAZ scripting, but if it was done once, it could be done again. Maybe someone else knows more...

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