Daz Central Not Responding


Every time I launch Daz Central it just gets stuck in a "not responding" state. Also, I cannot find a download link for the actual Daz Studio. The link always goes to Daz Central download and there doesn't seem to be a way to download Daz Studio.

Any idea how to get Daz Central to work? I have a powerful PC.



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    Everything you have ever "bought" from DAZ store, can be found and dowloaded from "My Account -> Product Library" here at DAZ site.

    DAZ Studio 4.xx is here;

  • @mayupolo. I am having similar problem. I downloaded Daz central per the Daz tutorial, launched the installer and it installed, then I checked the box for "launch Daz Central" and selected the finish button per tutorial but nothing happens? Itry launching the Daz central and i notice in task  manager it is shows it is running under processes tab but nothing shows up on the application tab nor does it actually launch so i can log in and get started so i can use the Daz software. im using windows 7 pro, 8gb ram, 200+ gigs of free space, i5 processor etc. anybody have a clue why Daz central doesnt actually open so i can login and use it?

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