Reusing poses with Genesis

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Okay, I'm pretty sure that this was addressed in the old forums (in fact I know that it was) but hunting it out is going to take more time than I want to give it, and the issue is one that I'm not the only person who is likely to try to deal with it. I can't remember whether a fix or a work around was posted when it came up before. But its a few months farther down the track and maybe someone has it figured out now. If so, I'd appreciate the info.

Reusing gen 4 poses with Genesis: Sometimes it works all right (expressions don't seem to). However, not always. In fact not usually.

And as usual it's the feet that get mangled, as in the example (Genesis in a V4 pose from one of DM's packages over on Rendo):

So. Does anyone know of a fix? Or a work around?

(ETA: Why the hell don't these forums recognize carriage returns in the text. I don't *want* it all run together into one paragraph.)

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    go to and get the * Reset Genesis Hand and Feet Translation after applying Gen4 Poses - DS4+ its the second one down in the freebies section and script with fix that issue for you ;-)

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    Thank you!

    I've downloaded and installed it, but now where do I find it? There isn't a tab for scripts, and I don't see them in any of the menu items. How do I find one to run it? I'm using Darkside.

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    To find the Reset pose, look on the Content Library tab under DAZ Studio Formats > My Library > Scripts > AMR > Gn Hands and Feet Reset (if you installed it to a different Content directory use that instead of My Library)

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    Got it! Thank you both!

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