Trouble using or finding "Side Street" in Poser 10

Just bought Side Street, used DAZ Install Manager, can't find it. After much investiation the only useable format for me seems to be 3D Studio, so I tried a manual download. Folder seems to be just textures no importable object. I checked carefully that Poser was listed as compatible software. No normal Poser format or library for this thing apparently. Never had this problem before. I don't know how to do DAZ Studio, only Poser. What am I doing wrong?


  • Never mind, I solved it!!!! My computer died in February and I had to transfer data to a new computer which had an extra DAZ Library in a different place. I remembered the "Ad Library" function to point to the new one. My 3 new purchase were suddenly there, including "City Streets" which I had feared was for DAZ Studio only. Whew! I'm not as dumb as I feared. I'm so happy!

    city streets daz forum.jpg
    715 x 821 - 295K
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