Translating Duplicated Nodes

I've been trying to make a dulplicate of a figure and her clothes. When I duplicated nodes, I was able to translate the figure out of the same spot, but the clothes did not come with her. I was able to drag over the underwear, but not the shirt. I want to drag it from the same positoona dn pose so it fits just as it did before. I looked at related threads and did not find how to do it. Why do some things move and others don't?


I'm using Daz 4.15 Pro, Win 10, and it's a Gen 8/8.1 outfit dForce Sigurd Viking shield maiden outfit, very recent, with an 8.1 figure. I did use the mesh grabber on it earlier. The figure is in a pose but I've had it happen with Gen 8 without a pose with her hair not moving.


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    Make sure that the duplicated items clothing are Fitted To the duplicated figure, they should then follow automatically - you can see 9and change) the figure fitted to in the Constraints section of the Parameters pane.

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    Did you duplicate the nodes individually, or duplicate node hierarchy?

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    I found a solution, but it didn't work the second time I tried it.

    You need to select all the things you want to move (the scene tab is usually good) and then go to Create -> Group and name it something descriptive and then you'll be able to move everything together. It's like Illustrator or Photoshop. I just wish that grouping was optional, but I can still kind of see why it is done this way.

    Daz, if you're reading this, I think this would be a good basic skill to put in the tutorials if it's not already in there. I've been struggling with this for months. 

    Shout out to Black Sun Comics on YouTube for providing this answer.

    But there's a problem. I made duplicate nodes from a group and made those nodes a group and then when I tried to move them, the figure and the underwear moved, but not the outfit. Gen 8.1 female. Mage outfit. Can anyone tell me what duplicating nodes really dioes? Are they somehow linked to the original? Why didn't grouping work the second time?

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    Have you checked that the duplicate items you want to move are still fitted (or in the case of props, parented) to the duplicated figure? That is the fix, what you are doing with grouping seems to be an awkward work-around.

  • Thanks for the help. I didn't try that yet. So when you go to add a costume to your figure, do you typically Apply it or Fit it? It sounds like Fitting it off the bat would make the most sense. Why is there an Apply option then?

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    Where are you looking? Usually  fitted items fit to the selected figure, and pop-up the AutoFit dialogue if it isn't the one they were made for, automatically.

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