Scripting help - Uber Iray copy and layer texture.

So I'm trying to write a script for Daz3d which will 

1) copy a surface (all materials/properties/maps etc) from one figure to another (the selected figure to a defined geograft which will be a child of the selected figure with a known name)

2) Convert the following textures to a layered texture and import a second transparent texture on top of all the textures already copied from the above step. (It's important the second texture be on top of the existing texture, so I may need to save the original textures with a Get...() command then add the transparent first and then the stored Get()?

Base Color

Translucency Color

Dual Lobe Specularity Reflectivity

Base Bump

Normal Map

Top Coat Color

Top Coat Roughness

Top Coat Bump


I've been looking at the API but I can't find any of these specific properties available in the dzMaterial  - does anybody have any updated API including the UberIray object and properties?


Thanks in advance.


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