HowTo: Create missing Genesis 8 skin parts on Torso surface from Genesis 8.1 Body and Head surfaces

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With the latest update of the Genesis 8 Starter Essentials there are now four different skin tones called A-D when working with a Genesis 8.1 figure. When working with Genesis 8 however applying these material settings lead to a missing part in the Torso area of Genesis 8.

In this post I try to explain a procedure how to solve this problem.

The process I am using works with a tool included in DAZ Studio that is called Map Transfer. For a basic introduction on Map Transfer see an amazing tutorial of L'Adair here:

Here is my working process so far tested with the maps A-C in DAZ Studio 4.15: The example below uses Female, the process is identical for the male maps!

  1. Load a Genesis 8.1 Female Base Character
  2. Select it in your Scene tab
  3. Apply the Genesis 8.1 Female material settings from the starter essentials you want to convert
  4. Open the Surfaces pane and start the Map Transfer tool (you do this by right clicking on the Surfaces pane and selecting it)
    • Right click in the Templates area and select New Template
    • Drag and Drop the Genesis 8.1 Female : Head from the Surfaces area on the right to the left Template1 you just created
    • Drag and Drop the Genesis 8.1 Female : Body from the Surfaces area on the right to the left Template1 you just created
    • On the left select both new surfaces under Template1 and make sure the Surface Options: Target UV Map: says Base Female
  5. On the left select Template1 and check the settings in the lower part of the dialog where it says Template Options. I used these:
    • Source UV Map: Current
    • Convert by Matching Properties: Selected
    • Choose a path where you find the generated textures later on
    • File Type: PNG
    • Baking Quality: 10
    • Dimensions: Harware Cut Off: 4096 and Bleed Factor: 0.01
    • Downsize to Cut Off: Not selected
  6. Optional: I saved the settings for later reuse using the Save... button
  7. Hit Accept and the conversion process should start.
  8. Navigate to the output directory, you should find four files:
    • Template1 Bump Strength.png
    • Template1 Diffuse Color.png
    • Template1 Top Coat Weight.png
    • Template1 Translucency Color.png
  9. Apply the new maps to a Genesis 8 character:
    1. Load Genesis 8 character
    2. Apply the appropriate Genesis 8.1 material settings you want to use (A, B, C).
    3. The Torso surface will not be changed all the other surfaces are changed
    4. In the Surfaces pane select the Legs and use the mouse right click context menu Copy Selected Surface(s)
    5. Select the Torso surface and use the mouse right click context menu Paste to Selected Surface(s)
    6. Now replace the legs images with your newly generated images from above:
      1. Base Color: Template1 Diffuse Color.png
      2. Translucency Color: Template1 Translucency Color.png
      3. Glossy Layered Weight: Template1 Top Coat Weight.png
      4. Base Bump: Template1 Bump Strength.png
      5. Top Coat Weight: Template1 Top Coat Weight.png
    7. Change the UV Set from Base 8.1 Female to Base Female
  10. Optional: Save the material settings
  11. Repeat the process for different material settings

The following posts shows the opposite process (creating head maps from G8 and G3 character settings):

This post triggered my HOWTO:

755 x 1098 - 155K
755 x 1098 - 154K
755 x 1098 - 156K
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    Thanks for your detailed instructions.

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    Thanks, this will serve as a great guide!

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  • thank you! Very useful, I learn a lot!

  • Too bad the metallic and opacity textures aren't written out - while not usual for most characters, there are some (like the androids) that require them with no way to generate them.

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