A incorrect arms deformation shows when loading a pose preset on G8M.

     As the following picture shows. Here I select the hands behind head pose for describing my problem .When i used the pose on G8M,the arms shape will be ruined.But when i use the pose on G8F or G3M, the shape of arms will correctly shows. And other poses involving the arms, as long as i use it on G8M, it will shows the same wrong arms shape.

     This annoying wrong deformation only happen to the arms,the other body parts show correctly.

     BTW, i found there are morphs not included in the character will load automatically.For now i can't find the available ways to solve the problem.i just go to the 'currently used' and zero the unwanted morphs.Maybe it will make a difference?I have reinstall the G8M starter essential,but it was the same.T.T

    Thanks for you bear with my awkward English.Hope someone can give me some tips.XD


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 72,756

    Please put some clothes on the female figure or use the Smooth Sahded drawstyle, though the issue is clear with only the male figure.

    Almost cetainly this is due to a male character morph for Genesis 8.1 having incorrectly set up corrective morphs for arm posing - they should be used only when the character shape is applied, at which point tey will make the pose look better, but they are triggering even when the shape is not applied, and so they cause distortion. In the Parameters pane option menu (the lined button in the top corner, or right-click the tab) turn on Preferences>Show Hidden Properties, then with the distortion showing (use the simplest pose that will show it) go through the Currently Used group of properties and try each in turn to see if it is the cause - when you do note the name of the character it belongs to, make sure you haven't missed an update to that character, and report it to the store (for Daz products) or vendor (for products from other stores).

  • 28266648722826664872 Posts: 0

    Thank you Richard Haseltine,it does work.

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