Clothing geoshell material do not apply on anatomical elements (cut-out)


Maybe someone can help me with that issue.

I am dealing with that problem on most geoshell clothing. Once I apply a clothing geoshell on a figue that has anatomical elements it just do not apply the material of that clothing on it. It looks like it changes the skin color of that anatomical element and cuts out that part.

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Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you!

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 72,534

    Remove the geometry shell. The mapping is generally different, and (unless you are going for a body-paint look) the results will be weird anyway. I would suspect that the main issue is the different UVs on the base figure and the graft.

  • nemesis10nemesis10 Posts: 2,360

    The geoshell has a set of parameters called visibility where you can switch off visibility of things like anatomical elements

  • CenobiteCenobite Posts: 171

    I also find if you are using anatomic elements like Golden Palace genitals the GEO shells will ruin the skin tone and will not even replace the skin using a transfer material script that would normally work leaving a grey texture where the anatomical elements are supposed to be. I don't use GEO shells on the more detailed anatomical products that are available from other sites because they always break the material, Gen 8.1 also causes an issue with products that should work with base gen 8 so they have changed something to break older scripts that would fix material issues like skin losing texture.


    I only use geo shells on non anatomical models since there is no issue with materials glitching.

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