Alpha maps with the new "Daz Iray PBRSkin" shader?

I've been testing the new shader that comes with the 8.1 version of Genesis.

It seems it does not include a Geometry/Cutout option for alpha maps.

Is there a way to accomplish the same with the new shader, or it is necessary to modify the shader itself?

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    I tired to look into the Shader Mixer, confronting the PBR Skin shader with the Iray Uber shader.

    They both have the Uber Add Geometry brick, but the one of the PBR Skin shader is missing the input for the Cutout Opacity parameter.

    So the workflow to add the necessary data for the Cutout would seem to be, by confrontation with the Uber shader:

    1. add a user parameter to the "User Parameters" brick (mappable, range 0..1, named "Cutout opacity", set appropriate hierarchy, etc.)

    2. add the brick: Bricks\Functions\Textures\Texture Instance (named "Cutout opacity map")

    3. connect:

    i. the output of the user parameter to the texture brick, input, image ID

    ii. the outputs of the "Surface Tiling" brick to the corrisponding inputs of the texture brick (namely: S (RSL), T (RSL), TC (MDL))

    iii. the "Mono" output of the texture brick to the "Cutout opacity" input of the "Uber Add Geometry" brick

    This still doesn't seem to be enough, though. I think that the remaining problem might be in the "Custom MDL" (referring to: daz_3d/pbr_skin.mdl#pbr_add_volume), respect to the "Uber Add volume" brick, assuming that the former doesn't process the cutout in the same way... (These are the bricks receiving the data from the Uber Add Geometry)


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    Or... it works!

    Sort of, but good enough.

    In fact, the result does not look right as Texture Shaded, it doesn't seem to display the cutout or the whole UV mapping correctly, but what matters is that it seems to render correctly in iRay!

    I got no idea why the Texture Shaded preview doesn't match...

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