Looking to hire developer to update/write Optitrack Mocap Plugin for Daz Studio

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I am looking to hire a developer to allow me to get motion capture data from Optitrack Motive into Daz Studio, specifically, but not exclusively, to V4 and M4 figures. Optitrack had a plugin for this for their old application called Arena--the plugin is here:


Optitrack has an SDK available for developers to create plugins and apps to work with their software:


I am currently using Arena, and can import exported BVH from Arena to Daz, but the skeletons do not match well, and I get a lot of foot sliding, etc. despite that the captures in Arena are solid. I have tested some BVH from Motive (their new software) and the problem appears to be worse.

So, essentially, I need some way to get the motion data from Motive into Daz, whether this means updating the old plugin, creating an import plugin for Daz to take Motive streaming data, import BVH exported from Motive into Daz, or even some standalone app to translate Motive data/bvh etc. to work with Daz--I'm not that picky about the method, just the results!

Ultimately, I guess it's an issue of retargeting from the Motive skeleton to the Da skeleton, which technically an app like Motion Builder could do, but it seems like overkill where I only need to retarget one specific skeleton to another.

If somebody here is interested in this job, or can point me in the direction of somebody who might be, please let me know--I'd really appreciate it.


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    Sounds like a fun project. I'm interested. I sent you an email with details.

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