Applying Partial Morphs from one figure into another one

Hello All,

Is it possible to apply, for example, the morphs of a hand/claw of one G8 figure into another G8 figure?

Thank you in advance.



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    this product might work for that


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    Thank you Michael, that will do it for sure!

    But I was looking for a more technical solution inside Daz Studio using its own resources. I know that a simple "copy & paste" solution doesn't exist, but is it possible to select the morph and exporti/re-import via Morph Loader Pro or something similar?


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    One solution would be to use the DFormer. Check People>Genesis 8 Female>Developer Kit>Genesis 8 Female HeadSplit DFormer    to get an idea of how it works.

    It's basically a mask that defines the influence of a loaded morph. What's red will be 100% influenced, what's grey 0% influenced. What's in between (gradient grey>blue>red) enables a smooth transition.

    What shape splitter does (I guess) is to define multiple DFormers set by body parts, so that people can choose where to apply a morph. 

    To do it by hand (I do it only to create custom character presets head/body, but it'd be the same process for any other body part) : load a G8 base, nothing else loaded on it. Deleted eyelashes (or use the Genesis 8 Dev Load from the Developer Kit folder(s). Then load a morph. Export that as obj (Scale 1unit = 1cm)

    Then go back to the G8 default and create a DFormer that affects only a portion of the body. 

    - Edit > Object > Morph Loader Pro : load the obj you just exported. 

    - In the Morph Loader options window, right click "attenuate by" and instead of "none", choose : Weight Maps > D-Former > Influence Weights / Strength 1  (or -1 if you want to reverse the influence of your DFormer).

    You can mix any morph (already made by someone, or made by yourself) by using Morph Loader Pro and the DFormer modifier. 

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    Thank you for the help.

    I've followed your steps but I'm getting the error "Geometry did not match, failed to create morph". 

    One interesting observation: I created manually a D-former via CREATE->NEW D-FORMER, but the "attenuate by" option didn't recognize it. Only when I used the "Genesis 8 Female HeadSplit Dformer" it did recognize. So I could only test it for the head (and the test failed)!

    Did I miss a step?



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