Convert Script to Plugin - how difficult?

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Hello everyone, how easy is it to convert a script to a plugin? The problem I have with some scripts is they dont save with the project very well, so converting them to a plugin i'm assuming would solve that. Is it difficult to do so? I am very experienced in computer programming but new to the Daz SDK, so I'm not sure how similar the scripting language and the SDK are.


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    Some portions of the Scripting API are not available via the SDK; i.e. plugins, the content database, script specific widget wrappers, new features that would break binary compatibility with earlier versions (> of the application, etc. So, depending on what the script is doing and/or what it is accessing, the answer to the question could be... "difficult." That said, for the vast majority of cases, porting DAZ Script to C++ is a fairly straight forward affair; assuming one has a working knowledge of both ECMAScript and C++. For the most part, the Scripting API is a subset of the C++ API.


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    What do you mean by saving a script with a project? What are you hoping that a plug-in will do differently?

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