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    Been several years since I've posted anything new from Bryce. I like the the theme of this thread.


    Not surprisingly, the new version feels more complete with the added elements on the kneeling lady. The human arch has also improved with more elem


    I remember this planet image very well, I think both versions are excellent. The second one has more detail which I always like. The hut scene is nice in both versions, the mood more dramatic in the darker version. Both great. Is there dof visible in the tree above?


    The revised version is much improved. Both however are excellent, great job as always!


    The new version is vastly improved, the sky looks much more evolved, and the addition of the people gives us a better context for appreciating scale.

    Spuddy- I really like the final result of the lacklit landscape and the tower. Perfect mood setting.


    This comparison is another study of this particular scenario of the lady,the dog, and the house. House model found on the internet many years ago, Ill need to search to find the original modeler, as I find the model pleasing. Several aspects have been added, more planters, more trees, different camera view, all in hopes of making a more enjoyable image. Surprisingly, both renders utilize the same EarthGlow Dome Light Strategy (EGDLS) that I developed many years ago for producing faked yet generally convincing faked Global Illumination in Bryce, however light levels and color assignment settings are drastically altered.

    Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

    Without a Leash Full Size.jpg
    1280 x 840 - 1M
    Without a Leash Revised.jpg
    1280 x 840 - 2M
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    Rashad - really nice to see you here. Thank you for your comments. I somehow like the original very much - and I remember it - probably because of the contrast. The new one is brighter, fitting a sunny afternoon and shows more of the environment. And you also added the bushes along the walkway. There are white curtains behind the windows, definitely more realistic than the black windows of the original one. Both are beautiful scenes and even though I like the original one, this new one is certainly an improvement. Both use the same Bryce version and these examples show how versatile Bryce really is, as old as it may be.

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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,100

    Rashad - two excellent render I like both except in the original the black windows don't look cool. Thanks for your comment

  • NGartplayNGartplay Posts: 2,917

    Rashad, loving the more realistic lighting in the second as well as the POV.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Rashad : two excellent renders, and yes I also prefer the second one.

  • Yellow PenYellow Pen Posts: 920

    Rashad - wonderful renders, I agree with the others here. Both are beautiful.

  • huberthubert Posts: 410

    Rashad: Glad to see you here! :)

    I like the POV of the 1st version more. Whereas the 2nd version is my favorite, due to its fresh and much more joyful lighting.

  • Rashad CarterRashad Carter Posts: 1,799

    Thanks so much for the supportive comments on this study! One thing that frustrated me about the original version was the black seeming windows. Caused by having no lights within the interior of the house. The windows are transparent in both studies, but the black interior turned the windows into mirrors more or less in th first version, thus the curtains the second time around. Once I altered the POV I found that I could see the glass material behaving more as expected. I find often that more light, especially indirect light, seems to increase the perceived realism of most of my renders. More to come. Again, thanks to each of you for your feedback!

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,789


    I like both versions. The black windows are indeed a bit strange and the curtains help. But I think I like the POV and the light in the first one a bit better. I think the second one is a bit too bright for my idea.

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