png image as background?

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How is it possible to use a png image as a background in 4.7?
If this png image has to be converted to a duf file then how is this achieved?

Any help with this would be much appreciated.


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    Window>Panes(Tabs)>Environment, set the Active Type to Backdrop and then click the triangle button by the colour picker and select Browse to load your image.

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    If you need a movable backdrop or one that can be animated, you might consider creating a plane in the background and applying your png image as the diffuse color image. The size you use for the plane will depend on how far behind your "actors" it will be in the background and the resolution/size of your png image. If you use this technique, you will have to adjust it to your project. However, I have provided some screenshots to accompany this very basic guideline with values to experiment with and learn.

    Pose & Animate Activity tab
    1. On main menu, create a new Primitive Plane
    2. Select Plane in Scene tab
    3. Select Parameters tab
    4. Rotate and translate plane to desired location

    Actors, Wardrobe & Props Activity tab
    5. Select the Surfaces tab
    6. Apply png image as Diffuse Color image
    7. Adjust Horizontal and Vertical tiling

    Pose & Animate Activity tab
    8. Make all other required adjustments

    1540 x 765 - 343K
    1002 x 943 - 109K
    836 x 875 - 72K
    715 x 355 - 58K
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    Thank you all so much for the help.
    Got it all doing what it should now.

    First rate help from you guys. So happy.

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