Using DAZ Studio as an Automation Server - Is it even possible?

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Admittedly, I haven't thoroughly scoured the SDK documentation for answers to this question, since I only got around to downloading it about a week ago, and the day-job has been seriously kicking my butt of late; however....

Some time ago, I had a conversation with a friend, who works for a major women's wear retailer. She mentioned an idea for an in-store marketing tool: a kiosk set up to allow customers to interactively visualize how a particular product would look on them, taking into account the customer's actual body shape and skin tone. She asked if I would be interested in pursuing such a project. (Well, Duh! Who wouldn't!?)

So here's my question: how do I leverage an instance of DAZ Studio to use as an automation server? Any insights from the dev team at DAZ Central?


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    Ken, I don't even know what an automation server is, so I'm no help there. I hope you get some helpful replies. But I wonder how the store is going to model the merchandise that they plan to let customers "try on". That seems like a big and expensive task. Most stores bring in new merchandise often, so the modeling task would be continuous. It is hard for me to see how they would recoup that expense.

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    Hi Ken, can't help with your question about Daz, but this may be of interest to you:

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