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I'm new in daz studio sdk and I need some help.
How can I get Bool Button Slide like in Parameters Pane (sorry I can't show image).
I tryied DzBoolButton, DzBoolPropertyWgt and DzStyledBoolPropertyWgt, but nothing.
Please help.

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    DzStyledBoolPropertyWgt contains a DzStyledBoolPropertySlider (same header).


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    Thank for answer, but I tried it. And get this error
    error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __cdecl DzStyledBoolPropertySlider::DzStyledBoolPropertySlider(class QWidget *)" (??0DzStyledBoolPropertySlider@@QEAA@PEAVQWidget@@@Z) referenced in function "public: class QMxWidget * __cdecl QMxMaterial::widget(void)" (?widget@QMxMaterial@@QEAAPEAVQMxWidget@@XZ)

    This is a part of my code

    m_widget = new QMxWidget();
       QFormLayout *layout = new QFormLayout(m_widget);
       DzStyledBoolPropertySlider *dispersionBoolButton = new DzStyledBoolPropertySlider(m_widget);
       layout->addRow("Dispersion", dispersionBoolButton)
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    Seems I was a bit too short with my response... I'll expand.

    DzStyledBoolPropertySlider is the name of the class for the styled widget that you are asking about. DzStyledBoolPropertyWgt contains an instance of DzStyledBoolPropertySlider, which is declared in the same header. DzStyledBoolPropertySlider is not exported, and so is only available by way of DzStyledBoolPropertyWgt, which needs at least one DzBoolProperty added to it to operate as intended. DzStyledBoolPropertySlider is basically a DzBoolButton (which is exported) with its paintEvent reimplemented, so as to be drawn within a listview of widgets that are used to manipulate properties.


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