LGPL questions

Eric WinemillerEric Winemiller Posts: 84
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Hi folks,

I'm trying to understand what I need to do to satisfy the LGPL stuff. I think I've got it figured out, but looking for some verification from those already doing DAZ plug-ins.

It looks like DAZ has built SDK libs so that plug-in devs are dynamically linking to the DLL thus we are not considered a derivative work and can fall under the 6.b. section of the license. The various Qt*.dlls delivered with DAZ Studio being the suitable shared library mechanism. As I understand it, we just need to give prominent notice that the library is used, include a copy of the LGPL license, include it in the copyright notices, and make sure the license for the plug-in does not include any prohibitions against reverse engineering. However the plug-in could dynamically link against other libraries that do have prohibitions against reverse engineering.

Did I get that correct?


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