obj files from Hexagon growing in size

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I've been working on an item saving it as an obj file through the different improvements as slightly different names. Noticed the load times into poser have increased. Took a look at the size and it's grown from 1600 to 750000! Have a feeling it's holding cached info or something. Is there a way to clear the junk out? Should I save as a hex file until ready to import to Poser? Never really had this happen before... or may e not this noticeable lol


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    My guess would be normals.. save it out without the normals and see if that does not shrink it back down.

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    A good way to reduce file size is to import the .obj into the free UV mapper Classic then export without doing anything.

    I only save as .hxn while working - occasionally as .obj if it gets real big and I don't want to risk it getting corrupted.

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    What Roygee says. Import to uv mapper and then just export again. I get this all the time since I'm running an older version of Hex.
    Yet another bug I thought was fixed in the newer versions. hehe Guess that will never happend.

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