Show Us Your Bryce Renders! Part 8



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    lately i have been experimenting with curvature materials in the deep texture editor , I thought i would share one of my results :)

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    Horo – Thanks, your experiments with Structure Synth are so cool, like Art I will look into too. My fav is the last one.

    Art – Thanks, the space ship is a freebie but I not sure where I got it from.

    Tim – Thanks another beautiful render

    A few more Kaleidoscopes using Hdris from Hdri4fun pack

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    A lot of great looking renders again everyone.

    Looks like a storm brewing.

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  • Tim82Tim82 Posts: 595
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    @Mermaid, beautiful renders, great work :)

    @fishtales, i really like that scene, very nicely done :)

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    MelanieL said:
    ETA: Anyone have any ideas on how I could make footprints in the sand? I tried putting a child in the foreground (sent from DS) but it looked a bit weird without any dents under his feet and along his path.

    Apart from the one solution already offered, which I have also tried myself and is tricky (one helpful hint is to make a custom footprint brush so you can simply 'stamp' the footprints down where you need/want them without having to paint each one individually).
    Another way is to make a footprint shaped object and using boolean modelling make the terrain positive and the footprint negative and group them, then simply duplicate the footprint object (maybe even using multi-replicate settings) to make multiple footprints in a straight or curved path.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks Chohole for the nod to my gallery and to Jebsign: That's a good interpretation of what I think is some seriously good design, hence why I did my version of it too :)

    Lastly, sorry for my recent 'hit and run' posts, I've been extremely busy for a good while now (which is a good thing!), but hopefully things will smooth out soon and I'll have a bit more time to hang around here.

    And really lastly for now: My latest render:
    Another coastline, this time trying to concentrate on that tricky 'where water meets land' of which there are several way to achieve the effect using some of David and Horo's methods... This one however, was just simply material and stacked terrain based.

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    and here is yet another test render :)

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    @Horo: very nice terrain and sky. And wonderful tori (torusses?). All three renders are great, but the interior one is best, I think.

    @Fishtales: I like the light on the building in the back in the third of your original series (with the tank). But a bit too much fog/haze for me. The one without the haze/fog is great! You’re landscape is very nice. But I would have put the lighthouse on higher terrain. It’s light will be blocked towards one side of the island. And, it looks a bit large compared to the landscape.

    @David Brinnen: Wonderful terrains, specifically the lower one!

    @fencepost52: great ground texture and very nice overall.

    @MelanieL: Very good shoreline render. Like Horo said: the sand is a bit wet for footprints. What I have done before, to make footprints in snow, is to use the same solution as TheSavage64 suggests. It works great. You could also use the foot of a DAZ person (only export the feet (separately) to Obj) as negative objects, I think.

    @jebsign: Nice to see a new name! Well-made work, cannot miss that it is Bryce!

    @Jamahoney: Fifty shades of grey? Would she not rather have a man, then? And, if intended to be erotic, why the bikini? OK, no nudes in this forum! (but: she is covered, so why not). Very nice facial expression, though!

    @Tim Bateman: I think your second curvature experiment is great. Nice spaceship too and the lamps render looks great with the light shining through.

    @mermaid010: beautiful vase. The rose disappears a bit in the background (visually). The space renders are wonderful. I’m not so much in kaleidoscope, but the middle one looks nice to me.

    @TheSavage64: Very beautiful tropical shoreline! Wonderful POV also.

    OK, so here is my latest render. I call ik ‘desert sun’. The palms are just one (instanced) palm from Xfrogs free sets. The birds were free in a set too. I did put the link somewhere back in this thread.
    Edit. The sky is from an HDRI that also provides part of the light. It comes from a wonderful set of skies by Evermotion (

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    @Art - thank you.

    @Tim - thank you. Nice horse render and nice torch render, too..

    @mermaid010 - thank you. Nice kaleidoscope renders, second appeals most to me.

    @Sandy - nice render. Lighthouse is a bit on the large side and it would look better if the light would fade.

    @Dave - oh, those instanced (?) palm trees look great.

    @hansmar - thank you. Sméagol would probably say torussessess but tori is the plural of torus. Your render looks great.

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    Horo, that last one really DOES looks like a Tokamak...super lighting.

    Cheers, Art...heh he, the film's release over here is getting both mixed reviews...mainly from women, though, I bet the author (a woman) is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Great beach scene, Savage.

    Very 'trippie 60's-like' Kaleidoscopes Mermaid...I like No. 3 best.

    Heh he, Hansmar...and, yeah, was going for more the erotic-side-of-things - DS facial options, I find, are quite good. Love your exotic work...I would have left out the birds if it had been mine.


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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 2,336
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    Sandy – lovely scene.

    Tim – thanks, very nice lamp render.

    Dave – beautiful tropical scene

    Horo - thanks

    Hans – thanks, love the desert scene thanks for the link

    Jay - thanks

    Gave Structure Synth a try, used an example object rendered using Obscure lighting, 256 Rpp took almost 7 hours.

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    David Brinnen Very nice materials on the terrains. The second one with the holes is my favourite.

    fencepost52 Great looking object and stones. BTW I learnt that you can use DAZ shaders in Bryce. Never thought of that. And your affection to "simple" objects - simple is beautiful!

    MelanieL It is really a lovely beach scene. Very well done.

    jebsign Many thanks you for sharing your galleries. Great and inspiring work in there!

    Jamahoney :lol: I love your interpretation of "50 Shades Of Grey"

    mermaid010 Funky spaces scenes and nice kaleidoscopes. I like the green-colored one best. And your mechanic "ball of wool" looks amazing.

    Tim Batemam Splendid and carefully lit and textured objects as usual. Great job.

    Horo Your trilobit-like objects are perfect lit. I just wondered, if it's possible to make similar "trilobites" in Bryce?

    Fishtales Gorgeous looking landscape.

    hansmar Lovely render. Thanks for the link. I watched a few movies on their site and was entirely stunned about the quality.

    I am struggling with the scene below. It is because of light ball. I'd like it much more glowing. I wanted to have a dazzling, nearly white center, but I am afraid, I could not figure out how to do it. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    @Jay - thank you.

    @mermaid010 - ah the ball, very nice.

    @electro-elvis - nice scene. The only possibility to make it brighter is to use a PHT. It's easy to setup and control. Here's a description Phased Hyper Texture. To make it glow and emit some light, you can give Obscure Glow by David a try and then there's a one page Memo for reference.

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    My latest. Skeleton and faerie costume from DAZ. Cage modeled in Wings and Art of Illusion (Art of Illusion webpage) based on this product (Muelsfell Hanging Cage).

    Not all faeries should be assumed to be the brightest. This one was a put in a cage by her captor, with an order to stay put or receive death. The cage was never closed, her captor never returned to his castle, and the faerie was free all along only to receive her promised punishment, despite following orders. Silly faerie. Should have stayed away from that bad batch of magic dust! Why are the faerie's wings and garments still in top shape? Because, while a faerie may die inside, her outer shell will be passed on to another generation, and hopefully, a smarter least that's the way it works on my story! LOL

    @timbateman: Wonderful test renders as always and nice experiments with the curvature based materials.

    @mermaid: Cool work on the Structure Synth! WoW! 7 hours?! That's a long render for me. I'm not patient enough for renders that long. :D I like the kaleidoscopes too. Kaleidoscopes are a favorite of mine.

    @handsmar: Great work on what appears to be a sand dune scene. Poor birds need to focus their attention elsewhere if they're looking for food. They might not have a chance of finding much sustenance there. :)

    @fishtales: Lighthouses are another favorite of mine.

    @Savage: Nice looking lagoon scene! Very realistic. Couple of tree roots above ground, but looks great regardless.

    @electro-elvis: Thanks for your comments! Yes, simple is often better, but for a simpleton like me, it comes naturally! LOL Great WIP. David has a few videos on glowing objects and here's one that might be helpful:
    Here's another thread where Dave Savage/Horo have good suggestions: Make sure you post the updated versions. I'd like to see them.

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    @Horo: yep. and Gollum would say "My Torussessesssssssss!"

    @Jamahoney: I understand your comment. Point is that I first had the light and the birds and then made the rest. Never even considered removing the birds again.

    @electro-elvis: Thanks. If you would want the center to be lighter (towards white), perhaps adding another white visible light in the center might also work?

    @mermaid010: Thanks. And nice bowl of old fashioned (but grey) film. Lovely lighting.

  • jebsignjebsign Posts: 5
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    Hello Brycers.

    expanded my gallery with a series of images. hope to be publishing new work soon.
    -Thanks for the kind remarks !



  • TeezTeez Posts: 11
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    Greetings! This is my first submission. It's a scene that I came up with to illustrate my troop carrier model.

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  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 3,840
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    Lighthouse re-done :-)

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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 2,336
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    Electro-Elvis – Thanks. I like your render as it is.

    Horo – Thanks, there are some cool example models in Structure Synth

    Art- Thanks, love your render and the story that goes with it.


    Fzr999 – rice render and welcome to the forum

    Sandy – the light looks nicer here but I like the 1st render more.

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  • HoroHoro Posts: 6,383
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    @fzr999 nice model and nicely presented.

    @Sandy - light looks better.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 4,311
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    Sorry I've not replied sooner to those who've been trying to help me with my footsteps-in-the-sand question.
    I hit a snag with modifying the terrain to add darker patches to make dents because I'd scaled the terrain more in x-dimension than z- and it was really fiddly trying to get the right shape - next time I'll try to stick with a square terrain! (I take the point about the prints washing away, but I should mention that I "need" them because the child is running towards the sea rather than standing still, so I think the prints would have lasted long enough to show)
    @TheSavage64 - thanks for your idea, which I think should work despite the scaling.
    @hansmar - and your idea on using the foot out of DS sounds really interesting too - they'd be the right shape for sure, and I could angle them slightly to match a running gait.
    So plenty for me to work with...
    PS: Some nice new images in this thread since I last looked - I'm loving this thread.

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  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,368
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    MelanieL said:
    @TheSavage64 - thanks for your idea, which I think should work despite the scaling.
    Indeed, which is why I thought that method would suit better.
    @hansmar - and your idea on using the foot out of DS sounds really interesting too - they'd be the right shape for sure, and I could angle them slightly to match a running gait.

    If you do use a foot from a Daz model, I think there will be one extra step you have to go through to make the boolean work correctly (no pun intended). As mesh objects behave slightly differently from Bryce native primitives.

    Before making the boolean negative, select the foot and click on the [E] to edit button on it's floating menu.
    Make sure the "make solid when boolean" box is checked and OK to return back to the GUI.

    If you don't, you may get some rather unexpected results. Also, if the foot you use is made from multiple meshes, it may still not work because each individual component has to have it's positive or negative properties set before grouping.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,368
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    Meanwhile... My latest... Just for fun, it's a long story to explain... lol.

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  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,368
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    And this one done tonight, a more 'traditional' use of Bryce.

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  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 4,311
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    @The Savage64 - thanks again for your help. (I got sidetracked yesterday playing with water materials and succeeded only in crashing Bryce a few times, but I'll be coming back to my boy-running-through-the-sand task later I hope.)
    PS:That's a nice scene you've done there, too!

  • kdwyermediakdwyermedia Posts: 26
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    Have got around to posting a render.

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  • HoroHoro Posts: 6,383
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    @Dave - I like the unicorn, just read a story about them yesterday. The landscape looks really great, quite natural.

    @kevinodwyer - not sure what it is, but it looks interesting.

  • Electro-ElvisElectro-Elvis Posts: 545
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    Suddenly she had this akward feeling, that someone or something was watching her. She looked up to the motionless sky and knew behind all this light blue was an observer, someone who could change her little strange world with a snip of his finger.

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  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,368
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    Work in progress... Still working on the lighting.

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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 2,336
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    Dave - I love the unicorn, so cute. Both the landscape and the island are very nicely done, the landscape very photo-realistic.

    Kevinodwyer - interesting render.

    Electro-elvis - wow really nice render

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    Not done anything for a while but keep looking in.
    Loads of really nice renders as usual and it's reached page 100 yet again.

    And it continues here

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