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Anyone know what to install in order to get libraries to appear in Poser 10?  Flashplayer demise has rendered (pun intended) poser useless


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    First you check you have the latest Smith Micro SR service-release for that version. These are archived via links on the Renderosity forums.  The problem with the Library arose in 2013 because the big Windows 8.1 upgrade caused problems with the first version, because it also shipped the Internet Explorer 11 browser with it, and this caused the Libraries in Poser to fail. The Library used the Flash in Internet Explorer, which is now far from ideal.  Poser 11 junked Flash and started over with a new Library framework.

    If updating to the last service-release patch doesn't fix it, then I would try the PZDB 1.2 third-part Library. 1.2 is cheaper than 1.3, and is the one you want if you're only working with Poser.

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  • Looking on the HiveWire forums suggests another cause. Adobe has banned all Flash code from playing, full-stop. That may be what has happened for you.

    In that case, you either....

    1) switch to the Poser Pro version of Poser 10, if still available to you, and switch this to the Pro-only Adobe Air Library.  So far as I know Adobe Air is still viable and reasonably secure. Pro users also had the option to have the Library panel as free-floating, which also seemed to cure the Flash problem.

    2) get the $80 NeoWin Poser 11 Pro deal, and upgrade to Poser 11 ASAP while you can (before Poser 12 comes out).

    3) get a third-party Library, of which PZDB is the best. Though, in Poser 10, one of the old Python-based third-part Library systems should work. If one can still be found for sale. The XL Content Library is mentioned.

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    There is a freeware:



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