V4.2 + Daz4.5 Cant save character preset?

Freelancer604Freelancer604 Posts: 0
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Hi, I am trying to save a character preset for my V4.2 character, but the program is saying that I have to "have a TriAx Weight mapped figure selected to save character preset." I always used this feature to save expressions and body morphs for this character, but at some point it stopped working. What is this TriAx weight map?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 50,087
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    That's Genesis. Try using a script-based preset from the File>Save as>Deprecated menu.

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    Thanks! The "shaping preset" works for body morphs. But how do you go about saving V4 expressions (without the full body pose?). When I save "pose preset" and deselect everything but the "expression" parameters, the resulting file simply resets V4's expression to default instead of the intended expression.

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