Wine Material Settings?

I've got everything ele set up just the way I want it for my render.  But when I wanted to add a glass of wine, I hit a wall.  Does anyone have some material settings for the liquid in a wine glass that will give the appearance of say, Merlot?  

Thanks in advance !


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    What a great question.  I'm interested in what solutions people may have.  Someone will help by tomorrow, I'm sure.  I think that I have a beer material but not sure that I have wine.  I'll have a look.

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    I didn't find a wine material but liquids that might pass as wine.  Possibly a bit of tweaking.

    The one I'm attaching is for Berry Tea.  All of the drinkable liquid mats I have are similar in setup.  The beer glass texture had transparency at 100% and refraction at 105.  The color was only in the specular halo and transparency.  Here's it's in diffuse and other channels.  Maybe you can use this until you get a real wine material answer.

    675 x 532 - 80K
  • Would you happen to have the RGB for those colors?  I don't mind setting things up from scratch if I have the numbers.


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    Diffuse is 213 - 70 - 73

    Ambient, transparent and volume are 216 - 72 - 80

    Since this is for a berry tea it is probably thinner than a good Merlot.  You can play with the refraction, the speculation and transparency if you want.

    Maybe tomorrow someone will know where to find a good wine material.

  • Heya! For me those settings seem appropriate for a Pinot Noir or other lighter bodied red wine. Off hand I'd say to make it appear more like a heavy Merlot, you will want to reduce the transparency to perhaps 80, as well as maybe increase the refraction above pure water, maybe as high as 145, However it depends mostly on how it is lit. The calculation step of absorption is missing in Bryce, so getting the exact look you wnt will be more dependent on lighting than one might expect.

    There should be no ambient in this wine material, unless you want the liquid to appear to have thermal excitation. As a general rule ambient is the last option sinc eit is the least physically accurate tool in the bunch. Rather than to go into too much detail its important to note that Material Abience and Sky Ambience work together, such that if the sky ambient color is pure red, and the material abience is blue, it will render as black, because red doesnt have any blue in it. Generally, it is wisest to keep sky ambience set as 100 full white, and this will leave you total control over the ambience at the amterials level, which is where you want it.

    All the best!

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    Thank you so much for sharing the information Rashad!  I've seen a lot of your tutorials/posts.  Your knowledge is impressive.  I'm going to play with this too and save me a wine material.

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