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All the tutorials that I just watched and I can't remember a thing...argh.  Getting old is not for sissies.  I'm having a bit of issue with the haze in this image.  Terrain 1 is closest to the camera and is being affected by haze.  I don't want it to be affected by haze.  Terrains 2 and 3 are huge/massive and way in the back but they look like they are right up front with terrain 1.

If I increase the height of my haze then I have a hazy looking picture.  I want a clear, sunny day.  I need the haze to make the background terrains look far away.  What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

water and mountain-7a.jpg
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    NGartplay - nevertheless a nice scene. Haze is a bit difficult to get right, I always need quite some time to get it as I want it. Base Height depends on how high the camera is (Y value for the camera) - is the camera within the Haze or above it?

    Thickness results in more Haze nearer to the camera because it is thicker, a bit like fog. It also gets thicker with distance because the camera looks longer through the haze.

    Density is how the haze fades towards the sky. Now, even if Cumulus Clouds are disabled, its Cloud Height brings the haze farther up into the sky (if Cumulus are disabled and you want it this way, enable them in the Sky Lab Cloud Cover, move Cloud Hight up or down, then disable the Cumulus. If you want the Cumulus clouds, they will look different because they moved up or down).

    Color Perspective changes the color of the haze in the distance. If disabled, it gets blueish in the distance. This can be changed. Also, if you use Color Perspective, the haze gets thicker - less transparent.

    Yes indeed, I also forget things. On my website Bryce & 3D CG Documents > Memos there are a few one page PDFs that I compiled from a some of David Brinnen's videos. If you watched the videos and forgot a detail or two after some time, the memo comes in handy and gives you a step-by-step procedure. The memos are too short for a tutorial but if you watched the video once (link on the page) it helps you to remember the important bits.

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    Thank you Horo, such helpful information.  The bit about the Cumulus clouds is new to me.  I just did a quick 'look-see' at your memo section on your website.  Excellent resource for those with questions.  I will be looking through all of those.  I'm awed at the effort taken to preserve the information.

    For this image I have changed the sky to one I created while following one of David's tutorials.  The mountains without haze look better but still would prefer that they look distant.  I'm going to try changing camera angle, moving the cumulus clouds and the haze settings.  My camera is down by the water level.

    Thanks again

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    NGartplay - the render is very nice,

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    Thanks Mermaid.  I did end up changing the lighting to an HDRI.  I think that it looks a little better.

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