Isolating single item for D-force simulation

Is there a way to isolate a single D-Force item for simulation once other items are simulated satisfactorily? 


  • kenshaw011267kenshaw011267 Posts: 3,750

    Yes. Select each item you want to simulate and turn on Freeze Simulation for each on except the one you want to simulate and  turn off their visibility in the simulation. Then once that one is simulated to your satisfaction, save the scene, freeze that one turn its visibility in the simulation off, and move to the next one you want to simulate unfreeze it and make it visibile in the simulation. Rinse and repeat until every one you want to simulate is completed.

    It is a lot more complicated if you need multiple pieces to interact, dForce clothes do not like doing that, but that process should do in most situations.

  • Thank you very much for the help. I'll give this a try!

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