Can not use the Daz Shop

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Hello alls,
sorry if i say that in Moment ... but where is the " No like Button" on the new Website?
The new Daz-Shop makes Trouble. The Old Forum looks better than the New.

If i try to buy an Item then i stuck in Ceckout Window. He say "add a State or a Provinz" but how to do it?
It exist no Entry Window to do this. I live in German, we have no States.

I wish me the Old Shop and Forum back !!!

Greetings Nabou


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,830
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    Contact information for problems such as your address entry is here

  • NabouNabou Posts: 15
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    Thx Richard,
    the Problem with Checkout is solved :-D
    i have only to Update my Billing and Shipping Adress, then works all fine.

    But some other finetunig on shopping site i wish and are verry important..

    I see no Filesize on Product-page or in Download-page or if i download a Product, its how a blindfly..
    I see not how many Files the Product have on Product-site for comparison with my Download-site.
    The Pay-Windows comes first before i can check the Orders for correct Pricing or add a Gift-Certificate.
    I can not disable the Mac- or PC-version in my Download-Area, this generate a long list with Information i not need.
    And i got no Mailnotification that i become a answer from u Richsrd :-D

    sorry my cheap english and typos

    Greetings to all, Nabou

    Have moved this topinc to your direction richard, thx again

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,830
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    Most of those issues are known and on the list. Adding a gift certificate is acheck box above the options for payment methods. There would be little point in adding code to split downloads as DAZ is going to move to zips (with an optional install manager) which will be the same file for Mac and Win.

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