Bryce Lightning record setting number of cores / PCs?

I'm currently rendering a 600 frame animation at 1080p with volumetric texture(s), on 91 cores across 36 PCs.  It is on hour 90, and is working on frames in the range of 458 to 514 right now.  Does anyone have any information, on the world record for the most CPU cores, or most PCs, all rendering the same Bryce animation at the same time?    So far, I've not run into the supposed limit of 32 PCs, nor have I had problems with the host finding render clients on different sub-nets, and I've used a VPN in the past, so the Bryce render host sees Lightning clients on the internet, as if they are on a local sub-net.  I wonder if anyone has taken Lightning as far as I have, or if the record for Bryce is now 91 simultaneous threads.  Can anyone tell me any information about other large Bryce render farms?  Would anyone be interested in trying to push this record higher, by adding their PCs to the render farm VPN?  Thanks!



  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,330

    Wow! How did you get access to 36 PCs to do this? But I cannot imagine this is not a world record. I look forward to seeing your animation.

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