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    Totte said:
    OK, the donations are now closed.
    Today the amount of $1250 will be transfered to Frank so he can write a check and send it over.

    Thanks everyone who donated, you all made a difference.

    That's a great total.. nice work everyone :)

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    we got this from Jaderail's sister:

    We got the checks, thank everyone for us. We miss Jeff every day and will for the rest of our lives. I'm so glad so many people cared about him. He was such a talented artist growing up and I'm glad he found a way to continue.

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    Thanks Totte for letting us know

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    So glad we could help in some way. :)

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    I spent the latter half of July making the preparations for my dad's burial and most of August dealing with his estate matters. This is the first I've read of Jaderail's passing.

    I am truly sorry for the communities loss and certainly would have donated had I known of it. Jaderail offered very kind and encouraging words about my renders based on one of his and my favorite novel. I have seen many examples of his helpfulness throughout these forums. This is a loss I certainly do feel and again my sincerest condolences to everyone here who new him well.

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    Just a last note here, not wanna tear up any wounds, just want to let you know.

    The money we collected have now reached the persons they were aimed for, half to his sister and half to his caretaker who cared for him and help Jaderail as his conditions were tough.

    A big thanks to Frank and Ann for taking care of that last part, transferring after I did the collection.

    Scans of the cashed check copies attached.

    / Totte

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    Thanks Totte, Ann and Frank for taking care of this.

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    I can only imagine what his caretaker is still going through- Jeff was so witty and so smart- conversations with him will have left a lasting impression. I'm sure those chats are sorely missed.

    Thanks for handling this and letting the family know how much Jaderail/Jeff meant to the community.

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