HELP my animations keep exploding.

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my animations keep exploding and its really slowing me down. i made a video explaining whats happening so if i could get any help or answers that would be awesome. Thank You!


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    Hi fredyfrankle2 :)

    From your clip, it looks like you're applying a pre-made animation,. but I don''t thing the animations you're applying were made to be used on that wolf figure.

    I may be wrong,
    If you've built and saved those as key-framed animations (poses). .. then it looks like there may be some Morph or transformation parameters saved in the animation which are making the wolf figure scale. which is not what you want.

    My advice would be to create a couple of simple test clips, either posing manually to create key-frames, or using something like puppeteer in DS.
    If the "hand made" (test) animations work, ...all is good.
    Hope it helps :)

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