The Wizards Library - A Multi Figure Scene - Now complete!



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    Ah... this is so nice. Very well done. I'll break my brain counting them all after some sleep. So FUN.

  • shaaeliashaaelia Posts: 613
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    Frits, it's taken almost two years due to computers dying, hard drives crashing and life outside the monitor interfering. Thank you for your comments :)

    Jaderail, lol. Will be interesting to see how many you get on your count. :)

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    Shaaelia said:
    The link to the large version of the scene:

    Semi Complete Wizard's Libray

    and to see if I can upload one here as well...

    Looking great :)
  • shaaeliashaaelia Posts: 613
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    Thanks Leana. :)

    Final touches need to be done now - Aiming to have it complete by the end of the month.

  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 8,349
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    Nicely done.
    I did one for the RDNA monthly challenge which has over 80 figures in it including the birds etc.

  • shaaeliashaaelia Posts: 613
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    And it's complete!

    The painting at the back of the room proved to be difficult, but it's all done now.

    You can see the finished version below or see the larger version here.

    63 figures all up - can you count them all?

    1024 x 481 - 1022K
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  • TeofaTeofa Posts: 823
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    Congratulations. 63 figures, stunning set, and all figures done fully. Amazing.

    My comp catches fire and falls over at about.. oh, 7 figures.

    I don't know how you did it :)

  • shaaeliashaaelia Posts: 613
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    Thanks standfast. It was all done in small groups. :-)

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